Friday, 7 August 2009

First Six Months...The Next Six Months

My first night out as Sarah was in early March of this year and since then i’ve had an eye-opening but also enjoyable time discovering myself and meeting new people, a number of which have become very good friends. You all know who you are, but my best friend Kate particularly deserves a mention here.
It has all made me eager to progress, but i’m determined to not get ahead of myself, although I know I will need to push myself and push boundaries if i’m to reach my ultimate goal.
If the last six months was about becoming visible and making friends and finding out what I need to do next, the next six months are about actually starting to put these into effect. The top three things are: start laser treatment on my beard shadow, going on a diet (to start to go from 11 stone to less than 10) and, the biggie, starting on hormones. I’ll keep you informed of progress!

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