Monday, 10 August 2009

A Birmingham Saturday

Having not been out (as Sarah) the previous weekend and with nothing pencilled in for the next two, I came to the conclusion on Friday that that was far too long a gap (in fact the largest gap since I started by a country mile). So I found a cheap deal on a hotel in Birmingham. Saturday afternoon shopping (although in male mode, and I now so regret not buying a little black dress in Warehouse!), and then out in the village in the evening.
Anyway to get to the crux of this post- Up to now when i’ve left hotels on my own, it has been with trepidation and nervousness and the feeling that the whole world knows what you’re doing and is looking at you. Not this time. I was out of the hotel and walking down the street with a mix of (a) relief that I was once again presenting as female and (b) contentment at how good I felt because I was. To me this is progress, although one day going out as me will simply be second nature and not worthy of a moments thought- I can’t wait!

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