Monday, 17 January 2011

Girl Talk

Going out during the day I sometimes feel like a tourist in a european country. I don't get read until I open my mouth. I need therefore to do something about my voice. So I had my first speech therapy session on Saturday. Will be having them every three weeks now.  Felt at home with the therapist (Christella Antoni) and the venue for the Saturday sessions was twee: it was a former groundsmans cottage at the edge of park converted into a clinic, between Hammersmith and West Brompton underground stations. Now I need to do my exercises for 10 minutes a day!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Laser Update

Had my third laser session on Friday. Whereas the first time I had a terrible acne flare up and the second time I had a swollen side of the face and lips for 48 hours this time thankfully there were no side effects! The view on TG Fora is that because of growing cycles, ten to twelve weeks is the correct spacing between sessions (despite clinics usually suggesting about 6 weeks), but no-one ever posts about what happens if you go beyond those dates; because i’m not the most organised person I managed to go 15 weeks between the first and second session and 13 weeks between the second and third. Anyway despite this matters seem to be progressing quite nicely- its just a shame that it doesn’t do anything about white hairs.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Anorak Woman

Not posted here for a while- couldn’t think of anything to say that I thought was worthwhile to say and the longer I didn’t post the more I got out of the habit. So lets try and get back into the swing of things.
One of the few things about me I consider relatively blokey is an anoraky interest in (particularly old) television. I say blokey because it is not something women seem to be interested in. Anyhow i’ve joined a forum on tv/radio but as Sarah and have now made my first tentative post. I don’t know why but I feel a bit of the odd woman out but it was wrong to join as a man.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

After effects

I have had an extremely spotty week after I finally got around to having a first full session of Laser last Monday. I wasn’t expecting this to happen as I had absolutely no reaction to the test patch. I looked like I had a very bad case of acne. I reckon it will take another week for the spots to go away. I’m hoping the reaction may not be as bad next time. However if it is then this means if I have laser every 10 weeks, then if followed by two weeks of spots, I will be spotty 20% of the time- not happy. It also means if I go out during the two week period, as I did on Friday, I have to get the derma out in greater quantities than previously!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I now haven’t brought any male clothes for over a year(other then essentials for work) and my casual wardrobe is now looking rather tatty. However I do need some clothes for casual wearin male mode that are not threadbare! I am now solving this issue, as countless others have done in the past, by buying womens clothes that I can get away with wearing in male mode. So a pair of combat-type trousers and two shirts have been brought, plus some plain knickers and women’s socks. More stuff will be brought so that I can replace all my guy casual gear. However it will be a bit of a balancing act, as I need to make sure that the clothes, when worn singularly or in combination, don’t look either too girly or too gay- I don’t want to out myself quite yet. I’ll have to be particularly careful what I wear the combats with!

Monday, 25 January 2010

I had a brief chat with a young gay girl towards the end of the New Years Eve night at Pink Punters. She asked for my number and we’ve texted a bit since. It transpires she lives in the same town as me and so we agreed to meet up at the gay bar/club in the town centre. It seemed a decent venue and got quite popular after 11.00; its open until 6.00, although we left at 2.00.

The key thing about this meetup was being in my own town, I left from my house and walked there and back- no going to a hotel and dressing before venturing out. I even walked through the heart of thronging drunken melee that is the town centre at 2.00 in the morning (albeit with my friend). Another box ticked off I suppose.

Monday, 11 January 2010

10% night

I’ve worked out that well over three quarters of my nights out are now as me; in fact probably 90%. Friday night was one of the 10% nights. It was a leaving do for someone from a different section; it was a good group of us and with more females than males. However as the night wore on I found myself very much less than comfortable in my allotted role for that night- not least I couldn’t act as I wanted to with the girls and who nevertheless see me as a bloke and treat me accordingly. I went home before everyone decamped to a club- definitely deflated because the trans thing had got to me, but also in a bizarre way I found it strangely re-assuring that I am finding it ever harder to do the bloke thing these days.