Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Tights for Autumn

This post is an excuse to brighten up the blog with some pics!

Once upon a time, or for well over fifteen years anyway, black opaque tights have been the wardrobe essential, and as a woman would have featured extremely strongly in my everyday wear. In fact I was so envious of women who were able to have them as their staple item of clothing. Yet now that I am putting together my autumnal seasonal wardrobe, I am not just looking to wear black opaques but am tentatively exploring different colours and even textures. I aim- wishful thinking?- for a more 'continental european' style in my dress and therefore this does not neccessarily lead to black opaques. I've tried bright purple (as per above), which is not bad for clubbing, but for more everyday wear (not much at the mo at this stage in my journey!) then I find charcoal, dark grey or muted purple, seems to work well for me (also patterned, ribbed or woolly tights in these colours), particularly with flat boots. I suppose this isn't improving the overall colourfulness of my wardrobe (see previous post)!