Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Size Matters

I do struggle with womens clothing sizes. As someone who is short in male mode and thus finds it difficult to get clothes in small sizes (not that I really buy many male clothes these days), I naively thought it was going to be easier to find womens clothes that fit. For a start a 14 in one shop is not the same as a 14 in another, and even in the same shop they vary between ranges. I regard my top half as being a 14 (although this does fit sometimes rather too snugly over my boobs) but sometimes it has been as low as a 10 and up to a 16.
My bottom half is a 10, but I find it amazing that as someone who is 5”6’finds so many women’s trouser lengths to be too long! I quite like having to buy from ‘petite’ ranges, as it sounds nice and feminine, but I hardly consider myself a petite female. I do wonder how those in the sisterhood far shorter than me can find anything to fit!

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