Thursday, 6 August 2009


I’ve always wanted to but not thought i’d actually be taking this step (and I don’t mean writing a blog!). Anyway a new life now awaits me. I thought therefore that setting up a blog would be helpful in enabling me to put my jottings down on my journey to womanhood (the good, the bad and the in-between), firstly to enable me later on to be able to look back on how far i’ve progressed; and, secondly, just possibly to help and inform others who are thinking of embarking, or have also embarked, on this gender journey.
It is still a mystery as to why I suddenly felt I had to transition. I’ve spend my life since I was a teenager carrying on (through gritted teeth) in a gender role that didn’t suit me, having deciding that the trauma of changing over was just going to be too great. What was I felt the least worst option. And then bang, beginning of 2009, all previous bets were off. I wonder was it the realisation dawning on me that you only have one life and therefore its best living it as you feel you were meant to live it?
Anyway I now firmly feel that changing over, albeit difficult, will be manageable, whilst staying as I am is becomingly increasingly an ordeal. In other words- there is no alternative.
What i’m about to do I’m finding to be both liberating and frightening; i’m also so looking forward to the changes to come, but so nervous about it all. Ultimately, however, I think the only regrets I will have is that I didn’t do it all earlier!

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