Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Autumn is Coming

Autumn and winter is coming and the autumn fashions for women are now in the shops, but what is even better is that this year I will be buying them to wear. I’ve always thought winter fashions were more ‘me’ than summer ones, so i’m getting quite excited and animated about sorting out my winter wardrobe.
I feel compelled to buy a pair of flat high leg chocolate brown boots. I know they won’t be cheap but a woman's got to do what a woman's got to do and I must have them! The plan is to wear with skinny jeans or black tights and an over the knee skirt. I think I will strart my hunt on Saturday, but as matters stand I think it is looking like the above pair from Dune (concession in HoF Birmingham) at £120 meets most of my requirements!

In relation to winter clothing, I think it is probably easier to pass in the winter months (as long as I don’t do too trendy and thus bring attention onto myself). Combined with the laser treatment, this should give me the confidence to go out during the day ( which has been limited to a couple of short soirees in London up to now).
Indeed I think it is becoming increasingly important to my well-being that I do present more as Sarah. My best friend Kate is now in a position where even in male mode she is now androgynous, and can to a large extent therefore be her natural self even in male mode (thus lessening her gender dysphoria). For now I have still to keep the male and female sides of me separate, but i'm feeling an increasing sense of loss when I cannot present as female and thus I need to start to shift the balance in time spent in m and f roles.

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  1. Yes, I similarly have a pair of over the knee boots on order, should be here tomorrow - a girl can never have enough pairs of boots... :)